Dandelion Latte

If you come to my house for a visit, you will most likely be offered something hot to drink. Whether herbal tea or golden milk, hot drinks comfort and satisfy like no other and are one of the reasons I love fall so much!

Dandelion Lattes have found their way into my kitchen lately. They are earthy (tasting more like a coffee) and delicious. I get asked for the recipe often, so I thought it would be a fun one to share!


1 1/2 cups milk ( I love a creamy oat milk for this. Raw cow's milk would be delicious too! )

1 scoop grass fed or vegan collagen ( optional )

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

splash of vanilla

1-2 teaspoons pure maple syrup

1 heaping teaspoon of Dandy Blend ( an extract of roasted barley, rye, chicory root and dandelion root )


Heat milk, vanilla and maple syrup in saucepan. Transfer to a frother and add collagen, cinnamon and Dandy Blend.

Froth ( I use the heat setting on mine )

  • If you don't have a frother you can use a blender set to high for a few seconds, but I highly recommend purchasing an inexpensive milk frother. They make the most delicious lattes.

Pour into a mug and enjoy!